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Why Hotel Owners are Liable to Get EICR Certificate?

People who are doing any type of business, selling properties or renting it out should know that they all are liable to get the EICR certificate. So if you want to keep your employees and guests safe then you should prefer to keep your electrical systems tested and verified from time to time. So that you would face minimum amount of electrical accidents. Actually, you should prefer hire the authorized electrician for those that will have enough qualification, experience and knowledge to give you the best possible advice in case of any complication. So people who actually own a hotel business should know that they have to provide a safe environment for their guests. Here in this article we are discussing about the significance of getting EICR certificates by hotel owners.

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Hotels Owners Have to Meet Electrical Safety Obligations:

Another reason why hotel owners are liable to get these EICR certificates in London is to meet the legal obligations. Actually, you should know that when you are doing any business that involves any type of electrical fire risks for employees and customers. Then you will be legally liable to meet the electrical safety obligation. So yes, getting an EICR certificate will help you to fulfil all your obligations. And enable you to provide complete documented proof of providing a safe environment for guests. Other than that in this you can also prove that you are using electrics that have been properly inspected by experts. Which in return help in increasing the trust level of customers and allow you to earn more profit.

Allow Hotel Owners to Get Insurance Compensation:

Another reason why hotel owners are liable to get the EICR certificate is to get the insurance claim. Keep in mind that if you will face any electrical fire accident in your hotel, then you will never get the insurance compensation until and unless you will be able to show them your EICR and maintenance certificate. So these certificates used as a proof that you were using all the tested and certified appliances in your hotels. After that you will become liable to get compensation for your loss. Here you can find out more about EICR certificate.

To Protect the Customers and Staff From Accidents:

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The first thing that hotel owners should keep in mind is that they are responsible to provide safe and secure environment for their guests. And for this it is very important that they get the EICR certificates and hire the electrician for regular maintenance. All these things will help them to keep everyone safe and to prevent having electrical fire accidents in their hotels. Actually, you should know that there are so many electrical appliances used by guests in the hotel rooms. And these appliances are in constant use with so many different quests that you have. In that situation there is a risk of having a faulty appliance even before its expected lifetime. So getting these certificates will help hotel owners to keep his guests safe.