Is photography an art form

Is photography an art form

In the 21 century, almost everybody owns a camera and great deal of people of a DSLR, something that only professional photographers owned a few years ago. In this article, we will have a look if photography is an art form or if it’s just a way to document moments in your life.

Photography before

Photography was created as a tool to help painters to paint landscape images with more accuracy and other that it started as it’s own art form.

We can then definitely agree that back in the day photographers were artists but what some years after that.

Photography was not wildly available till the 80s, therefore it is safe to assume that all people who were taking pictures from the time when photography was created till 80s were artists, at least fast majority of them.

Photograph now

Is photography an art form

When photography becomes more and more available, people stop viewing it as an art for and used it just to capture their day to day moments. The main reason for this is the price. When photography was expensive, people view it as something novel and wanted to make the perfect photo and the perfect photo only. So if they were not sure if the picture is good or not, they would simply not take the picture. That’s especially true for landscape photographers who would wait hours just to take the perfect picture of the landscape. Contrast that to today’s use of camera and you see people taking pictures everywhere they go without a second, though. That doesn’t mean that professional photographers do not exist, it just means that it is harder to find a professional between all those amateurs who just have a professional photography gear.


Photography is all about patience and about understanding when to take the picture and when to wait for the perfect shot.